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Backup Myths and Misconceptions: Register for Joe Kissell Webinar

Each year, every day, our lives and livelihoods are becoming increasingly digital. Paychecks, pay stubs and most of our financing and legal activities result in “must-save” electronic documents. Our books have become eBooks. Scrapbooking, yearbooks and comic books have all gone digital too. And beyond the obvious digital transformation of photos and music, the time we put into editing photos, or organizing our playlists, has become as valuable as the media itself.

Still, the majority of computer users do not back up their data regularly. Others rely on cloud-based, “sync” folder services as backup, leaving them with the impression their files are adequately protected. Only after misfortune strikes do they find more files than not are missing.

In honor of Backup Awareness Month, and to continue our mission to convey the importance of backup, we’re excited to host an educational webinar with Joe Kissell, author of “Take Control of CrashPlan Backups,” on June 28 at 1:30 CT.

Joe will answer your questions surrounding the myths and misconceptions of online backup, including the following:

  • Misconception: I use a cloud sync service; that’s the same thing.
  • Misconception: USB drives, external drives and CDs are good enough.
  • Misconception: Data backup is hard; I’m too busy.
  • Myth: I don’t have much data that’s worth backing up.
  • Myth: The cost of really good backup is prohibitive.

Online backup is a crucial component of data protection in a world where our lives are increasingly digital. Register for this webinar with Joe Kissell to learn how to truly live a worry-free digital life:

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