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Getting back what’s important with CrashPlan

In the digital age we take every opportunity to acquire all kinds of important information. Going digital also empowers us with many options for creating and storing all the digital stuff we accumulate. Losing any of this information is no fun… It is no fun wasting time and effort re-downloading favorite MP3s and TV shows. And information like digital photos, home movies, financial documents, and college term papers might be impossible to reproduce. Worrying about losing files is no fun either.

Fortunately, having a solid backup and restore “one-two punch” in place means you don’t have to worry about losing any of the electronic information that you care about. Ensuring your data is safe, preferably with offsite backup, is a good way to protect yourself and your loved ones when the unexpected happens. Online backup is great way to avoid all kinds of technological hiccups like…(insert favorite worst-case scenario here). A good backup and restore solution gets you back on your feet fast and hassle-free. The best backup solution makes it easy to have backup information in multiple locations and increases your options for recovery when you need it.

Ensure secure backup to your own computers and hard drives or to friends and family with CrashPlann for free. Or, for additional backup features and a choice of 10GB or unlimited online storage plans, try CrashPlan+.

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