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CrashPlan Users Don’t Have an Excuse

Backup excuses

It’s hard to think of a time before the awesome backup solution that is CrashPlan, but last week we asked our users to try to remember; to tell us the excuses they told themselves, their families and friends to rationalize why they weren’t backing up their personal files. The list was plentiful, and ranged from lack of education on best backup practices to sheer procrastination.

Although all the entries shed light on the reasons why people fail to backup, these were some of the most compelling (and repeated) reasons:

  • “I back up files all day at work, I don’t want to have to worry about it at home too!” – John N.
  • “All backup programs [were] either too expensive, not user-friendly, cumbersome, inefficient, unreliable, or didn’t allow me to pick and choose what drives or folders to back up.” – Larry G
  • “Confidence in solid state drives.” – Joesph V

For sharing his excuse, “I’ve never had a hard drive fail,” Nathan Cerny from Missouri has won a $100 AMEX gift card. Congratulations, Nathan, and we’re happy you’re enjoying a worry-free digital life

In fact, all of these users are currently backing up their files with CrashPlan. If you’re not, what’s your excuse? Find out just how easy it is to begin your very own worry-free digital life. Register to attend our free webinar, hosted by backup expert Joe Kissell this Friday, June 28.

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