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CrashPlan Tips: Alerts and Reports

One of the CrashPlan features our customers like most is that it “just works.” It stays out of the way, so they can focus on what they’re doing, and not worry about backups.

But we understand some customers prefer proactive communication; they enjoy receiving updates telling them everything’s humming along. And anyone would want to know if things aren’t going smoothly. So we built CrashPlan with settings to give you regular reports (or not), and to notify you if an issue is encountered.

Erik, one of our awesome Customer Champions, has written a helpful Answers from Support article with tips on adjusting those settings. Plus, he answers some frequently asked questions about CrashPlan’s notifications, like what it means if “0 MB” is selected for backup. (Spoiler alert: don’t panic!)

As always, if you have any questions about CrashPlan, our Champions are standing by to help!

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