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All Your Files, In Your Pocket – CrashPlan Mobile Apps

When Apple launched the first iPod in 2001, their tagline was ‘1000 songs in your pocket.’ It was amazing to have that much music with you wherever you went. Now with the launch of the CrashPlan and CrashPlan PRO apps for iOS and Android, you can have all your files in your pocket (or tablet). How amazing is that?

The new apps let you sign in to your CrashPlan online account and browse, download, view and share (via email) any of the files in your online backup archives.

It’s super convenient (and liberating) to have this kind of secure access to any of your files, anytime, anywhere.

For the past few years, my routine when prepping for a business trip included trying to anticipate (or guess) which files I’ll need during the trip and sync them with my my iPhone or iPad. Quite often, I’d guess wrong or just plain forget a critical file. Consequently, I’ve had to employ convoluted methods for retrieving files remotely: first, using VPN and VNC to connect to my home or office computer, finding the files, then emailing them to myself, so I could finally retrieve them on the iPhone or iPad.

Those days are officially over. With the CrashPlan PRO mobile app, all my data from all three of my computers is securely accessible with just a few taps. When on a recent trip to Austin, I realized it would useful to have my company presentation on my iPad. Literally two minutes later, I had retrieved it from my CrashPlan PRO backup archive and was ready to go.

The CrashPlan apps for iOS have built-in viewers for common documents like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, TIFF, mp3 and more; while on Android your files will open directly with your favorite apps that you already installed on your device. And if your device has compatible apps installed, you can open the files in those apps as well. You can even email retrieved items with one tap.

Probably my favorite feature of the CrashPlan app is the one-touch update, which will let you know when your backup archive contains a newer version of any file(s) you’ve retrieved, and lets you update them all with one tap. I never have to wonder if I’ve got the latest version on my iPad.

If you’re using CrashPlan+ or CrashPlan PRO, I hope you’ll check out the new mobile apps and see for yourself how great it is to have access to all your files, all the time.

The CrashPlan apps are available now on the iTunes App Store and the Android Market.

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