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CrashPlan 3.0 and 3.0.1 Release Brings Backup Sets, Faster Restores

In effort to always provide our customers with the latest and greatest in data backup capabilities, CrashPlan has automatically upgraded all users with the following enhancements:


Version: 3.0.1

  • Google Checkout – By popular request, we have reinstated Google checkout for seed services and 1, 2, 3 and 4-year subscriptions.
  • Faster restores – The backup destination’s CPU settings no longer govern how fast you can restore.
  • Welcome email – New CrashPlan users now receive a welcome email message that shows how to start the backup process.
  • Printable support articles – Create your own CrashPlan support PDFs using the Print Page option on the support navigation menu.


Version: 3.0

  • Backup sets in CrashPlan+ – Specify which files to which locations and with what settings!
  • Detection of new computers and drives to your account – When you log into an existing account from a new computer you now have the option to have that computer adopt an existing one, allowing you to avoid the lengthy initial backup process from your old computer’s backup archive.
  • Bundled CrashPlan Central destinations with CrashPlan+ – CrashPlan+ is now a subscription that you renew, with monthly and yearly subscriptions available.
  • Flexible backup scheduling – If you want your backups to take place at scheduled times, in addition to specifying the time of day for backing up, you can now specify the days of the week when CrashPlan should backup.
  • License transfers – Wanting to give CrashPlan+ as a gift? You can now transfer licenses between computers and users.



As always, we will keep you informed on the latest release updates via our Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts, as well as through email.

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