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Classic Computing

One of our Customer Champions called me over to his desk last week, and proudly presented his latest acquisition:

Old Apple II Disks

My exclamation pretty much ceased all productivity within 20 meters. I was blown away! I hadn’t seen disks like this for over 30 years, since I learned BASIC on an Apple II+. As I flipped through the stack, memories came flooding back: playing my very first flight simulator; using AppleWriter to compose a school paper (my mother—a professional secretary—considered it darn near miraculous); writing my very first program and watching the computer actually obey my commands!

Then I remembered that this was also how I used to back up: cases and cases of floppy disks. I had to write the dates on them, and buy all new disks if I wanted to keep multiple versions of my documents. And they were oh-so-fragile!

I’m so glad I have CrashPlan now. I never have to stop what I’m doing to back up. It’s encrypted, and our cloud isn’t threatened by a spilled cup of coffee. Plus, I can get any file, anytime, using the CrashPlan mobile app on my iPhone.

If you’re still backing up to physical media—of any kind—find out how modern backup is done.

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