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The importance of backing up, from Richard Branson

After a fire blazed through the Necker Island home of Virgin Group’s chairman, Richard Branson, the mogul suddenly faced a loss of fifteen years worth of handwritten notes that he was preparing to use for an upcoming memoir.

Although Branson and 20 other individuals who were in the home at the time safely survived the fire and are now safe, the loss of his book material was devastating.

A representative for Branson said, “The biggest disappointment is that Richard was well through his new book. It was sitting on top of about 10 years of notebooks, about 40 of them in total. He’s now just hoping his memory is still intact as he’s going to need it – and he plans to buy a fireproof vault.”

In light of this unfortunate event, we have to ask ourselves, and Mr. Branson as well, what about a fault-proof backup in addition to a fireproof vault?

Accidents happen. And in the case of Richard Branson, this accident resulted in the loss of years worth of effort. Although Branson was able to find the bright side of the situation, noting that, “There’s a lot of damage but we’ll create something even more special out of the ruins,” we at Code 42 still feel for his loss.

We only wish that we could protect non-digital files as easily as we protect digital ones. But here’s a tip from our own “ink-on-paper” guy (Mike Evangelist, Director of Marketing):  When I write anything that I really value and would dread losing, I scan it with my Neatworks scanner, so I have a digital backup, which is then protected by CrashPlan, of course.

To all of our users who are backing up with us: we are grateful that you have chosen CrashPlan to protect your data.


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