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Data Loss Strikes Close to Home

Last week our CEO (Matthew Dornquast) and our director of west coast sales (Bob Casserly) flew to San Francisco for a meeting with a large CrashPlan PROe customer. It was an important technical meeting, with several key people from engineering and management.

Their presentation, which had been refined during the flight out, along with supporting PDFs and video clips, were on Bob’s MacBook Pro. Everything was ready to go.

Or so they thought. Two hours before the meeting, while gathering his gear to leave the hotel room, Bob accidentally dropped his MacBook, which slammed hard onto the granite tiled floor.

It made a sound no one wants to hear.

Opening the lid, Bob saw this –

And on the screen…nothing.

The fall had damaged the hard drive, so the computer would not start up. Ninety minutes before the meeting all the supporting materials were inaccessible.

Fortunately, Bob is diligent about backing up his data. Or more accurately, CrashPlan is diligent (Bob installed CrashPlan on his computer when he bought it last year, and he hasn’t really thought about it since.) But thanks to CrashPlan’s continuous backup feature, the latest changes Bob and Matthew were making to the presentation during the flight had already been automatically backed up while Bob was connected to WiFi in the hotel. He just logged into his CrashPlan account online using Matthew’s computer and restored all the files in minutes.

Bacon saved, Bob and Matthew had the documents they needed (along with a great story to tell) in time for the meeting.

That’s the beauty of CrashPlan – set it and forget it. When you need it, it’s there!

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