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CrashPlan Tips: Alerts and Reports

One of the CrashPlan features our customers like most is that it “just works.” It stays out of the way, so they can focus on what they’re doing, and not worry about backups.

But we understand some customers prefer proactive communication; they enjoy receiving updates telling them everything’s humming along. And anyone would want to know…

CrashPlan Features: Take the Tour

If you’re new to CrashPlan, welcome! You’ve started your fearless digital life, and you’ll never have to worry about backups again.

We engineered CrashPlan to be easy to use: just download, sign up and you’re done! But if you’re curious what else CrashPlan can do, or if you’d like to customize your backup experience, we…

CrashPlan Step-by-Step Adoption Process

Getting a new computer doesn’t mean you have to upload all your data again. Using CrashPlan’s adoption process, you can transfer your old computer’s identity to your new machine, so you can continue backing up without having to re-send data.

When you choose to adopt a computer with CrashPlan, you’re basically telling CrashPlan to assume…

For More Productivity, Do Less

It is painfully obvious that the pace of modern life far outstrips any individual effort to keep up with its every aspect. Yet in a desperate attempt to compensate, we urge ourselves to do more, faster, harder, for longer and longer periods of time, convincing ourselves this might give us the edge we need.

What if…

Code42 Reviews: Apps We Love

Want to stay on top of all the latest app technology? Mashable makes it easy with their list of 8 Apps You Don’t Want to Miss. You can read the complete list over on their techs-savvy site, but here are a few that have caught the attention of the Code42 team.

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