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Clearing Up Common Backup Misunderstandings

As our dependency on computers increases, so does the importance of backing up our sensitive files and documents. A new concept to many, personal data back up can fall victim to a number of misconceptions. Let’s shed some light on these:

Misunderstanding: The Cloud is Unsafe

Many believe their information will be subject to attack…

2012 Data Loss Gaffes

With more and more business conducted exclusively online, many organizations have taken steps to protect themselves from data loss. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is crucial to protecting sensitive information, as its loss can have catastrophic consequences. Read about the major data loss gaffes of 2012 and learn how your business can prevent similar security blunders.

The Purpose of CrashPlan

This is why we do what we do:

“Local backup drives are handy if your main drive fails, but in a real emergency you’d be completely lost without cloud backup. I used CrashPlan and they saved my musical and professional life. (And no, I was not paid to say that).”

– Drew Lavyne, Queens, NY after Hurricane…

CrashPlan Backup Fan Mail from Across the Pond

Code 42 may have our headquarters in Minnesota, but our products help people all over the world. Check out this letter we received recently:

My name is Eoin and I am a very new customer of yours.

I have been trying to decide what online back up solution to use and I was recommended CrashPlan…

Don’t Pay the Ransom!

This week, an article in the New York Times detailed a frightening new threat on the Internet: ransomware.

What happens is this: a message pops up on the screen, telling the user their computer has been locked; but instead of an option for assistance or a link to answers, the message demands payment to unlock…

Happy National Computer Security Day

2012 has given us some potent reminders of the importance of protecting data, whether from natural disasters or malicious attack.

This year, Code 42 celebrates National Computer Security Day secure in the knowledge that we’ve protected our customers from data losses both large and small. If you’re one of the thousands who has chosen CrashPlan…

CrashPlan+ User Testimonial

Employees at Code 42 Software come from all kinds of backgrounds, and there are decades between the oldest and youngest members of the team. Yet there’s one thing we all have in common: each of us has experienced that horrible feeling when a computer crashes. That’s why we invented CrashPlan: to prevent anyone else from…

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