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Matthew’s Favorite Things

Our CEO/co-founder Matthew Dornquast recently mentioned a few of his favorite CrashPlan features/functionalities released in the last 18 months:

No limits: versions, size, archives, retention–all completely unlimited Silent, continuous operation: stays out of your way, and it never forgets to run Customizable backup sets: let users–or IT–choose where their data goes and when Multi-destination backup:…

A Truly Special Occasion

Hardly a week goes by at the Code42 offices without someone quoting a line from “The Princess Bride.” The one that popped into my head today is from the Impressive Clergyman: “Wuv—twoo wuv—is foweveh.”

We learned the happy news this week that one of our Product Managers, Breon Nagy, proposed to his girlfriend. Being one…

Code42 Graduates

It’s May– a time when students celebrate their graduation from high schools and colleges. Some of us at Code42 were remembering our own graduation experiences and sharing our graduation photos.

I have no idea where my high school graduation photos are. I’m sure they’re packed in some box in my garage. I have, however, scanned them…

Code42 nerds celebrate Star Wars Day

There is no shortage of self-appointed nerds at Code42. And today is another one of those nerd holidays we love to celebrate: Star Wars Day. For fans, these films are milestones in our youth. We’re not sure how much influence watching our heroes repair hyperdrives or disabling tractor beams and shield generators had on us…

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