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Towel Day 2013 Winners

The results from our third annual Towel Day contest are in, and we couldn’t be happier with the response from our awesome fans on Twitter.

As all Hitchhikers know, a towel is the most important item you can carry. Therefore, we are excited to award the following Hoopy Froods their very own “42” towel….

Thank you, 25,000+ CrashPlan followers!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our 25,000 CrashPlan Twitter follower celebration!  50 winners will be adding 25-months to their CrashPlan+ Unlimited plans. The results are in; cue the drumroll!

Congratulations to the following Twitter followers who shared with us why they use CrashPlan as their data backup service:

@justinporter @samikki @kleinrfk @mrbill @mightysplace @crucialcolin…

CrashPlan’s Towel Day Contest Results Are In…

The results from Code 42’s Towel Day contests are in! Thanks to everyone who participated in our Facebook and Twitter Towel Day contests. (The photos we received via Facebook were fantastic!)

Three (or 42!) cheers to the following grand prize winners…

Congratulations to Paola Brasu, who submitted this image on our Facebook page:

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