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Does Speed Matter? Ask Forbes.

We’ve mentioned before that our backups are truly unlimited. No file type restrictions, no size restrictions and we never, ever throttle your bandwidth.

Marketing copy fluff? Not according to Forbes:

“A Carbonite spokesperson confirmed the bandwidth throttling, and sent me a link to where it is clearly spelled out in the Carbonite customer knowledge base. Carbonite…

Lifehacker Picks CrashPlan

Lifehacker is one of the most popular sites on the web. It’s where geeks (and non-geeks, for that matter) turn for tips, tricks and everyday hacks.

Today, they published their fifth annual “Lifehacker Pack for Mac: Our List of the Best Mac Apps.”

Under their list of the best Mac utilities, we found a very…

A Truly Special Occasion

Hardly a week goes by at the Code42 offices without someone quoting a line from “The Princess Bride.” The one that popped into my head today is from the Impressive Clergyman: “Wuv—twoo wuv—is foweveh.”

We learned the happy news this week that one of our Product Managers, Breon Nagy, proposed to his girlfriend. Being one…

Laser-Focus on Task #1

On the cover of April’s PCWorld Magazine you’ll see a familiar green face; CrashPlan. While everyone at Code42 was pleased to see our flagship product recognized over other online backup services, what resonated deeply with all of us was author Alex Castle’s opening paragraph to the “Back Up Your Data” section:

Back Up Your Data…

Hit the Road with CrashPlan!

Nothing is more quintessentially American than the “road trip.” With spring’s imminent return to Minnesota (the aftermath of today’s 9-inch snowfall notwithstanding), a lot of folks here are making arrangements to get their RV out of winter storage, and plan their next journey.


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