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Classic Computing

One of our Customer Champions called me over to his desk last week, and proudly presented his latest acquisition:

Old Apple II Disks

My exclamation pretty much ceased all productivity within 20 meters. I was blown away! I hadn’t seen disks like this for over 30 years,…

A Truly Special Occasion

Hardly a week goes by at the Code42 offices without someone quoting a line from “The Princess Bride.” The one that popped into my head today is from the Impressive Clergyman: “Wuv—twoo wuv—is foweveh.”

We learned the happy news this week that one of our Product Managers, Breon Nagy, proposed to his girlfriend. Being one…

Code42 Graduates

It’s May– a time when students celebrate their graduation from high schools and colleges. Some of us at Code42 were remembering our own graduation experiences and sharing our graduation photos.

I have no idea where my high school graduation photos are. I’m sure they’re packed in some box in my garage. I have, however, scanned them…

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