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Revisited: 5 More Reasons Why Some Business Do Not Back Up

Last week we touched on five reasons why some SMBs fail to back up their data. As promised, here are five additional excuses, and corresponding responses, why backup is imperative for small businesses.

6. Excuse #6: Not going to happen to me.

Reality check: Data loss events happen more frequently than you’d like to think. They can be the result of human error (forgetting a laptop in a cab, accidentally deleting a file, saving over the wrong file), natural disasters, theft, viruses, hardware failure (sometimes also due to human error); all can result in the loss of data. Having automatic, continuous backup is like insurance you buy, hoping you’ll never need it, but relieved to have when (not if) something unfortunate happens.

7. Excuse #7: They forget.

Reality check: While there are numerous backup solutions out there that require users to remember or make time to back up, the better ones are automatic and continuous. SMBs should choose backup software that allows them to focus on their business, not on remembering to back up their data.

8. Excuse #8: It’s too complicated.

Reality check: While this may have been a reasonable complaint in the “old days,” when backup required tape and complicated schemes for backing up the backup and for testing and verifying the backup archive, it is certainly no longer true. Today backup solutions can be set up quickly, requiring no technical expertise, and very little, if any, attention or monitoring. For the most part, SMB users can even restore all by themselves without calling the help desk or a backup service to get their files back.

9. Excuse #9: I’ll just use a data recovery service if things crash.

Reality check: Data recovery services are useful only when you have computer to recover. They are no use at all if your laptop is lost or stolen. Also, these services are notoriously expensive (costing in the thousands of dollars), with no guarantees that all, if any, of your data will be recovered. And how will your business limp along without your files in the weeks it could to get your files back? Why chance it?

10. Excuse #10: They copy to a thumb drive.

Reality check: Backup is not the same as copying, which is much more cumbersome and is an inefficient use of storage. Also, if something happens to that drive, it’s as if you never backed up at all. That’s why better backup solutions offer the ability to back up online (for secure offsite protection) as well as to local drives.

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There is no reason why your company, of any size, should be without backup. Excuses aside, we encourage you to sign up for your free 30-day account of CrashPlan PRO to ensure that your business data is always secure.


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