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Bandwidth Caps and You

We get a lot of questions lately about the new data caps being imposed by a number of internet service providers, and how to use CrashPlan under those sorts of restrictions.

Online backup, like CrashPlan, is somewhat different than services like Netflix or Hulu, in that most users are only uploading a large amount of…

Get Your Own 42 Towel

Several people who saw our Towel Day post inquired about where we got the cool ’42’ towels that we use at the Code 42 offices. They are from ThinkGeek. You’ll find them here:

Knowing Where Your Towel Is

For lovers of Douglas Adam’s masterwork, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (like us at Code 42 Software) today is an important day: Towel Day

Created to honor Douglas himself, and to celebrate that most useful of inventions: the towel.

In fact, we’d say that knowing where your towel is ranks up there in importance…

CrashPlan 3.0.3 Update Features Deduplication Enhancements

Tonight we released version 3.0.3 of CrashPlan via automatic update. If you’re already a CrashPlan user, you’ll have the newer version the next time you launch the application.

A Buried Gem

Along with a host of minor tweaks and bug-fixes, version 3.0.3 includes a significant performance upgrade to CrashPlan’s core deduplication engine. Deduplication is the…

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