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Welcome to Code 42, times ten!

Most Monday mornings at the Code 42 offices you’ll typically see one or two new employees beginning their orientation and training in the conference room. In fact, most of us have become used to seeing new faces on a regular basis. But this Monday is an exception, as today we welcome ten new employees! It’s…

Data Loss Strikes Close to Home

Last week our CEO (Matthew Dornquast) and our director of west coast sales (Bob Casserly) flew to San Francisco for a meeting with a large CrashPlan PROe customer. It was an important technical meeting, with several key people from engineering and management.

Their presentation, which had been refined during the flight out, along with supporting…

Steve Jobs’ Personality is Integral to Apple

I worked at Apple from 2000-2002. I had occasional interactions with Steve as part of my job (director of product marketing for applications). As I reflect (with much sadness) on Steve’s resignation from the company he built, there’s one event that sticks out as an example of how Steve’s personality and that of Apple’s are…

CrashPlan Feature Spotlight: Forward compatibility

The engineering behind Apple’s Lion upgrade is truly amazing, loaded with industry firsts. Over one million downloads day 1 is a remarkable achievement!

Many of those new Lion users are also CrashPlan users, and today they are enjoying one of our favorite, but largely undocumented features: CrashPlan’s forward compatibility.

At Code 42 we’re committed to…

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