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We’re Moving!

Well, no, not Code42. We love Minneapolis and our location right on the beautiful Mississippi River. We’re moving our blog content. Why?

Honestly, blogs are kind of…well… 90s. Back in the early days of the web, it was a great way to post messages and invite interaction. But with Facebook, Twitter and the host of…

Does Speed Matter? Ask Forbes.

We’ve mentioned before that our backups are truly unlimited. No file type restrictions, no size restrictions and we never, ever throttle your bandwidth.

Marketing copy fluff? Not according to Forbes:

“A Carbonite spokesperson confirmed the bandwidth throttling, and sent me a link to where it is clearly spelled out in the Carbonite customer knowledge base. Carbonite…

“Apple-ization of the Enterprise” Launches Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the debut of “Apple-ization of the Enterprise,” Code42’s educational initiative featuring real-world IT pros sharing stories and insights about Apple-ization, BYOD and IT consumerization.

We kick off the series with “IT’s New World,” hosted by recognized technology expert Phil Simon. Tune in tomorrow at 1:00 PM CDT to learn the background of Apple-ization,…

Lifehacker Picks CrashPlan

Lifehacker is one of the most popular sites on the web. It’s where geeks (and non-geeks, for that matter) turn for tips, tricks and everyday hacks.

Today, they published their fifth annual “Lifehacker Pack for Mac: Our List of the Best Mac Apps.”

Under their list of the best Mac utilities, we found a very…

Code42 Launches “Apple-ization of the Enterprise”

As rapid advances in technology give consumers more power for less money, they simultaneously make enterprise IT support significantly more challenging and complex.

With the explosion of operating systems, cloud services and access protocols, just trying to keep up with the latest releases is a full-time job. Then there’s security and compliance concerns, to say…

Classic Computing

One of our Customer Champions called me over to his desk last week, and proudly presented his latest acquisition:

Old Apple II Disks

My exclamation pretty much ceased all productivity within 20 meters. I was blown away! I hadn’t seen disks like this for over 30 years,…

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