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User Feedback: Favorite feature of CrashPlan+

The CrashPlan+ features list for its online and offsite backup is quite impressive: automatic backup, unlimited file size, the ability to back up attached drives, backup sets… we could go on.

While everyone has their favorites, we asked our fans to share what they liked best with us.

Below is a snapshot of the poll…

Backup myths debunked

Backing up computers has been a well-established practice for decades. Despite the explosion of online backup over the last decade (IDC projects the market for online backup services to grow to $715 million by 2011), lower hardware and software costs, and easeir to use solutions, many myths and misperceptions stemming back from those early days…

Neil Gaiman has a plan

The team here at Code 42 could accurately be described as geeky. Many desks display SciFi collectibles of various flavors, with Star Trek, Star Wars, Tron and Harry Potter currently dominating. Typical lunch conversations range from the latest advances in development tools to…

CrashPlan featured in The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal’s Katherine Boehret has reviewed CrashPlan and CrashPlan+ for her weekly column, The Digital Solution. The article, titled “For Backup, You’ve Got a Friend, Family or Cloud,” is featured in today’s Wall Street Journal and

In her detailed review, Boehret describes her out of the box experience with CrashPlan and discusses…

How to: Increase Your Initial Backup Speed

CrashPlan is designed to work in the background, with default backup settings configured to trade speed for quiet, background operation. During your initial backup, however, you might decide that backup speed is be more important than staying out of your way.

Our latest video covers how to configure CrashPlan to back up faster by increasing…

Win with NixiePixel on her new show, OS ALT

Popular YouTube tech personality and Revision 3 partner, NixiePixel, discusses “the good, bad and ugly of open source” on her new show, OS ALT.

The show’s first episode, Linux vs. Windows, tackles her favorite alternative for those using Microsoft Windows; Linux Mint. While we at Code 42 have no preference on operating systems (we support Mac,…

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