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CrashPlan PRO: An Introduction

CrashPlan and CrashPlan+ have been at the forefront of our posts lately with World Backup Day still a recent memory. We’re changing things up a bit today to (re)-introduce you to CrashPlan PRO. CrashPlan PRO is enterprise software designed for organizations with the technical resources and expertise to manage a server. Take the features you…

Getting back what’s important with CrashPlan

In the digital age we take every opportunity to acquire all kinds of important information. Going digital also empowers us with many options for creating and storing all the digital stuff we accumulate. Losing any of this information is no fun… It is no fun wasting time and effort re-downloading favorite MP3s and TV shows….

Your Free 30-day Trial of CrashPlan+

This blog post aims to address basic questions about the trial and clarify why CrashPlan+ is the right data backup service for your personal backup needs.

First, what distinguishes CrashPlan’s free service from the 30-day trial of CrashPlan+? In addition to the capabilities of our free CrashPlan software, CrashPlan+ has the following upgraded CrashPlan+ features: